Company profile

ArtPack devotes to labeling machine.

We have rich experience in automate equipment integration and labeling machine modernization. Also, with creativity and confidence, ArtPack are able to provide various types of labeling machine popularly worldwide. We hope what ArtPack does for you is not only machine selling but also plays a big role in the development of your company.

Regarding our labeling machine, quality control is our main concern and will follow as top priority to serve customers.In addition, our labeling machine are widely applied in food、pharmaceutical、electronics、logistics and hardware industries. According to your requirement and sample provided, we will design a suitable and perfect labeler to meet your need:

  • High precision
  • User-friendly (Easy for operators)
  • Stable (Insisting in high quality electronic equipment)
  • Standardize components (Easy for installation and maintenance)

The Art of Packing is in ArtPack. No matter you want a standard type orspecial typesof labeling machines, feel free to contactArtPack. We are here for serving you with our high enthusiasm in professional labeling machine. Let us work together to color your products, andcolor the future of your company.