Features :

  1. All components are consists of stainless steel & aluminum alloy.
  2. Controller, PLC system and user-friendly LCDTouch Control Panel, has Chinese, English and pattern instruction.
  3. Optional includes bar code printer manufacturing lot number, date Print product mark, inspection card and ticket card etc.
  4. Changeable speed in manual one or auto one.

Optional equipment :

Bar code machine/Auto-feed unit/Accumulation unit

Specification :

Power 110V, 50/60Hz
Speed(label/min.) 5~23M/Min ( Speed can be adjusted)
Label Width (mm) 10~120
Label Length (mm) 10~300
Label I.D (mm) 76
( Label O.D mm) 320
Machine size (mm) 1500mm(L)*700mm(W)*1600mm(H)
Weight (Kg) 130

Video :