Features :

  1. Apply two different labels on the top of plane product. Make production run more efficiently.
  2. Label applicator(Left or right model) is in Japan servo- motor or stepping motor. Stable power supplying.
  3. Controller, PLC system and user-friendly touch screen, has Chinese, English and pattern instruction.
  4. System notifies the end、shortage、broken of labels and has the function of counting, also.

Instance :

Apply two labels on plane product in one run.

Plastic case

Optional equipment :

Hot foil printer / Inkjet Printer / Feeding unit / Collecting unit

Specification :

  AP120S AP120M
Power 110/220V , 50/60Hz
Speed(label/min.) 30~120pcs 30~120pcs
Label Width(mm) 10~70 10 ~ 120
Label Length(mm) 10~300
Label I.D(mm) 76
Label O.D(mm) 320
Machine size(mm) 2000(L)*700(W)*1600(H) 2000(L)*700(W)*1600(H)
Weight(Kg) 120 130

Video :

AP-120 Wipe-dual Labeling Machine
AP-120 Wipe-dual Labeling Machine