Features :

  1. Roller conveyor with bearing, makes products work smoothly and in complete.
  2. Top-holding wrap-around belt, for holding glass or plastic bottle, has neat labeling
  3. With auto in-feeding system, labeling can be in high speed and effective. Changing to different products, feeding star wheel is easy and swift to replace.
  4. Motor for label background collecting,shorts time of label replacement.
  5. Optional sensor, with function of checking coding and labeling in complete.

Instance :

Apply the label on all kinds of small cylinder in semi- or fully wrap-around

Various bottle
Vial(+MFG print)
Color pen

Optional equipment :

Hot foil printer / Inkjet printer / In-feeding unit / Collecting unit / Replenishing unit

Specification :

  AP300M AP300HS
Power 110/220V , 50/60Hz
Speed(label/min.) 30~150pcs 30~300pcs
Label Width(mm) 10~120 10 ~ 70
Label Length(mm) 20~300
Label I.D(mm) 76
Label O.D(mm) 320 400
Dimension(mm) 1600(L)*600(W)*1600(H) 1900(L)*1400(W)*1800(H)
Weight(Kg) 250 400

Video :

AP-300HORIZONTAL WRAP-AROUND LABELER +Hot stamping date coder