Features :

  1. Thermal Transfer printing.
  2. Maximum effective print width:103.6 mm,
  3. Resolution: 23.6 dots/mm (600 dpi)
  4. Provides WIN 98 / 2000 / XP /NT diriver.
  5. Machine uses the high speed series printing, saves the time.
  6. Designs exquisitely, installs the paper to install the carbon belt to be easy
  7. May use the diversification to sign the paper material quality.

Instance :

Print product mark, lot number, inspection card and ticket etc.

Bar code
Contact lens

Specification :

Power 110/220v
Resolution 11.8 dots / mm (300dpi)
Printing Width(mm) 105.7
Printing Length(mm) 15~500
Printing Speed 2" ,4" /Sec.
Sensor type Adjustable Reflective sensor; Fixed transmissive, center aligned
Dimension(mm) 245*270*200
Weight(Kg) 4.7

Character Type :

  • Bit map fonts: 20 fonts (including EURO.character) Times Roman, Helvetica,Courier,Presentation, Letter Gothic, Prestige Elite.
  • Outline fonts: 7 fonts (including EUROcharacter Helvetica, Times RomanPOP fonts, Price fonts.
  • BMP.PCX,Support ICO fie through software.
  • But series printing frame, level line, perpendicular line, oblique line, diamond.
  • Scalable Font(Code Page 850&852)in 4 orientations.
  • Sensor type: Adjustable Reflective sensor; Fixed transmissive, center aligned.

Video :